I knew when I first saw you; the way that you could draw me in
Make me feel
Could be some big mistake; a little complicated
Oh so wrong

And I
want you
And I want you

Your sweet voice makes me shiver; I can't help but give
Myself to you
Your burning eyes ignite me; your touch electrifies
But it's oh so wrong

And I
want you
And I want you

And I try to fight it and I try do right and try to be a better women than I am
I try not to be weak and not to give in and I try not to let you into my head
But you're driving me crazy; I don't know if you even mean all the things that you say
Can't help but feeling it means more to me than it ever could to you

And I
want you
And I want you....


from Extraordinary Girls, released January 18, 2013
Songwriter: Helen Robertson
Lead Vocals, Guitars: Valerie Cox
Backing Vocals, Bass: Helen Robertson




Helen Robertson ~ Valerie Cox Cambridgeshire, UK

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